Our “final” Model

For our final Model, we decided to produce the masses from something that was solid and was filled inside. it had to be produced by blocks that come together and also convey our void relationship through the solid-void contrast of the material. Using soap was a very interesting idea for us and it clearly reflected our design strategy and vision. But in the Final Jury, our drawings and other means of representation were so strong that the jury members demanded that our model should also be on par with the rest of our level of design and detail. Therefore we are given time to produce a new model that conveyed more ideas about our design other than the solid-void relationship. we are very surprised with the outcome as we were truly amazed at the power of intuitive thinking to use soap as a means of producing an architectural model. But it is said so it shall be done. There will be a new final model in our Colloquium meeting.

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Drawing Axo Representation

For Properly representing the spatial composition of our school complex in Cebeci, we decided on producing these sets of sequential axonometric drawings. Therefore this image is able to convey the section view and the relation to the steep height of the site. During the production of these images, many mediums of digital production were used. The overall design was firstly designed on paper in the form of sketches to better plan and understand the composition. Then The complex was modeled using Rhinoceros Software. With the two dimensional lines of the Axonometric viewport by using the make 2D command, this drawing was exported to Autocad were the lines were trimmed and stretched to get rid of unimportant linework. The elements were hierarchically organized by using layers of line weight from the overall geometry to the frames of the openings.

Then the plotted image was exported to Adobe Illustrator where the silhouette and other information from the model were juxtaposed in order to illustrate more information. Various rendered views were taken from the Digital Model like the Shadow, Geometry and Transparency information. In Adobe Photoshop, The Site plan was stretched to be placed on the axonometric view then, the renders and the illustrated lines were merged. With the addition of the people, the vegetation and the Ground color; the language of these drawings were finally established.

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