Towards a New Architecture


        The first part that I read before was the chapter called Pure creation of mind and it was one of the ending parts of the book, therefore, had more definite and closing arguments compared to the second chapter that we were assigned which is in the beginning. Le Corbusier makes great use of comparing structures considering the fact that it is the beginning of his book.In one part of the book, he gives a comparison between the architecture and the construction of the buildings. construction is not supposed to make people feel something but architecture should aim much more.

       In the context of the book and in those times (even now) architecture and engineers have a very similar work field. In the book, he thinks that architects are in a low state and need to learn many things from the engineers who unintentionally create aesthetically pleasing works of architecture. Architects in those times did not have a common ideology with the engineers. In the book, he refers to the engineers as the person who makes the buildings stand. When he wrote his book he mentions that people are thinking that engineers have the knowledge of how heating works, physics and other mechanical things but whereas the architect has the knowledge of space and how these spaces come alive. Without architecture, a happy town cannot exist. Architecture exists where happy architects create spaces that make people happy.

      The architecture was a necessity but now it gives pleasure and makes us happy. It is challenging because now more is expected from an architectural design. This is important because it has a large influence in our daily life. Buildings should be considered as complex design results coming from the problem that a functioning space where people perform their daily activities is needed. Also, an aesthetic meaning should be behind this design. But the ways of achieving this beauty is not by trying to add that element afterward but rather interconnected in a way that occurs naturally given the fact that the design functions and stays stable. This is an important thing because this affects many people’s lives. These designs are a core part of the living human experience.

      People’s attitude towards architects should be similar to that of the doctors because one cannot expect a doctor to cure that %100 because there is no such thing as the absolute truth. engineers rely on the trust of data and have a definite solution. this is not the case in architecture. but, on the other hand, on should not shy away from discussing what is good and bad in architecture thinking that there is no such thing as the reliable truth. Debating over these issues is what improves our understanding of the architectural design. In the end, he thinks artists and musicians should help overcome the problem of having art in a poor way. they should act together and try to understand what architecture is and what should be done to find the meaning of it.


Author: ersanilktan

Architecture student at TEDU

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