Field Invader – Mapping Step 2

After the first step of this assignment, we were assigned to study in a new medium which is translating this pixelated image into a relief.

A relief is the intermediate state between 2D and 3D were the elements present in 2D are adapted to 3D qualities according to a new information which was not represented in 2D form. This should be done carefully because a relief is a transition state between 2D and 3D aspects, therefore, is important to keep the identity of both forms. Our instructors didn’t want to put a height limit for the pixels because by doing this assignment we are also expected to explore the difference between these mediums and in what stage the result is no longer a relief but rather a 3D representation.
In order to produce this, we stacked pieces of cardboard on top of each other to introduce the dept. The dept should be used intentionally and the aim must be visible. The overall design should be consistent enough that another person can sense the classification between the parts.
img_4742In my first attempt, I treated each pixel separately, therefore, didn’t quite get an abstracted result. The aim of the assignment is not to represent the map exactly because we already did it in the first step. So this step’s aim is to produce an abstracted relief. In order to do this, I evaluated my perception and made it more abstract. The second attempt not a purely analytical analysis like in sciences but rather a cognitional practice towards understanding our perception.  img_474j3


Author: ersanilktan

Architecture student at TEDU

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