Expressive Collage of Villa Savoye

Expressive Collage_Villa savoye_Ersan ilktanIn our Arch112 studies, we were advised to produce an expressive collage about our assigned houses reflecting ideas about our analysis about the design and spatial qualities of the architecture. Of the building. While designing this collage we were supposed to use at least one picture, one drawing of some sort and an alteration/addition of visuals such as an illustration or some lines to study the coming together of these elements in this new ground of design where you analyze & realize the projects main approaches. The variety of expressionist mediums like this sort is critical to the overall success of the collage work in terms of transferring the information to the viewer or the understanding of the study more thoroughly. With the difference in elements, we can conceptualize the effect and reaction of these different types of information in the representation of the design.

Simplicity in Expressionist collages is another topic that holds a great importance. I noticed that the more abstract and straightforwardly thinking my thought process gets, the better the legibility and readability of the information on my work. As a result, the collage is simple so that it is easily understandable and complex in order to contain more analysis of information. Therefore this collage must visualize a new idea that comes from the A+B->C situation. The finished product is not directed towards showcasing a real state of design in the real meaning but an expressive experience that comes from an otherwise impossible thing with only using a picture per say.

My expressive collage is the result of an overlap of a picture of Villa Savoye and an exploded axonometric projection with the addition of lines indicating the flow throughout the Villa.


Author: ersanilktan

Architecture student at TEDU

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