Thoughts on Style: Hendrik Berlage


In our Arch 222 course, we were assigned to make groups of 2 or 3 in order to create a presentation for a certain topic related to our class. But the interesting structure of the class was that other than our instructor giving us a lesson and making the interaction one way, we are the ones researching and analyzing the topic beforehand. Our presentations are designed to be more analytical in their sense that we are expected to venture out from the topic and explore what are the referencing points and related thinking structures that influence the ideas that are expressed in that certain topic of discussion.

The class communicates through an online platform and after the presentations are uploaded, all the other participants read the piece of text that starts the line of thought and after that evaluate the presentation at hand. Therefore, both the presentation and the audience is immersed in this topic and reach a level of understanding that creates a ground for an intellectual discussion in class.

By doing this, the class can be used to be concentrated in questions regarding how those people who are instrumental in the emergence of the modern architectural theory thought these ideas and how they relate and influence each other in their time. The knowledge of the instructor is reserved for the guidance of the topic in the right direction.

People who mostly come from a more traditional background of education cannot comprehend the role of the instructor in architectural education. Because architects are designers who design spaces, they are also frontrunners in the modernization of the education of future generations. The studio and these lessons are designed in a way that creates individuals who are great critical thinkers by making the lessons interactive in their sense that through creation, participation and discussion relate the class to the level of interaction from the students. Without the participation of the students, the studio would not operate well but students who are not used to this contemporary way of learning may have difficulties adapting. Therefore we should remember that our instructors are not teachers.

To come to our presentation topic regarding the text that was published in 1905, by Hendrik Berlage, called “Thoughts on Style” he was very influenced about the Sachlichkeit way;


Also, you can reach the complete presentation containing his influences, how his mind structure emerged, changed and affected future thoughts in the link below;

Arch222 Hendrick Berlage from thoughts on style