Architectural Photo Essay


We were assigned in our Arch 111 class, a photo essay that is coherent by following the same theme. The theme is Solid Void and Light and Shadow.



Practising Architectural Photography

Today I went to both Cermodern and Erimtan Museums to study how to take architectural photographs according to a theme. We got a lecture about architectural photography recently so this experience was really informative and educational. The chosen theme was Solid Void.

Architectural photography ersan ilktan solid void architecture abstract detail

What Does Music Mean?

    ass03-_ersan-ilktan_textposter            In order to study our poster design capabilities and to also understand the context of the video, we were assigned by our Arch121 and Arch111 instructors to watch the video of Leonard Bernstein in “What does music mean?”. We understand from the video that Bernstein do not agree with the idea that music has a story or a solid meaning behind it similar to everyday things. He emphasizes that music is not a whole when it is only one note. Music is about the composition of notes acting together to form a unity. This unity is about the experience of the listener. It is about the emotions. This very similar to the design world because for example architecture is architecture it is not derived from a story. The relations between the elements and their composition is important.

         To design a poster representative of this idea, I choose keywords and phrases and located them accordingly to the hierarchical order between those elements.

Abstracting the Photograph

           One of our first assignments was to abstract the given photograph and depict depth, light and textural properties of the image only by drawing parallel lines (horizontal, vertical or angular). We were supposed to pay attention to weight, quality, and sequence of the lines. I am really glad that we had the opportunity to do this assignment because in this way I had the chance to practice good line quality and how to apply the perfect pressure for the best results.

       I also became familiar with the concept of abstraction (which up to this point, I thought that it consisted of things that aren’t meaningful:) ) by trying to abstract a real life architectural photograph.

           Also, this was my first experience with drawing on an architectural drawing table so it was very interesting to find out how architects can create such perfect drawings with the perfect system containing always designed parallel lines.

The studio handbook

           I read the handbook of studios. It claims that studio is our living environment. We should use the studio anytime. Studio is somewhere that we can contact with our classmates and discuss our works freely so that we can learn many things from each other and also our lecturers. If we make mistakes and see our mistakes, we can learn many things from them and we can discover what we should do but we should know that there is not one true answer about designing. Anything can be changed according to a person’s opinion.

         In architectural education, we should change our perspectives in some way and maybe we should focus on what people don’t focus. There are some missing steps like analyzing that we are not using very commonly but we should learn them and use them also in our education to create things more effectively. And this handbook is full of useful information about the studio environment such as what are the critics and juries. It helps us to get used to architectural education and studio time and also we can check it anytime we want to have more in our minds.