Ass. 5_Design Strategies and Incorporating Case Studies

In order to respond to our Problem Definition, we need to bring together different functioning groups and users under the same umbrella. But realistically speaking, this kind of an approach can be chaotic if it is not carefully designed. The site is very big and there is a very characteristic slope that helps us to have 22 m level difference on the vertical direction from one site to another. 

Therefore, we are stretching the mass, adding voids on all directions, producing transitions between functions and introducing cuts and openings on the periphery of the complex. We looked on many examples of Case Studies but the Rolex Learning Center which is a very different programmed design but shares the common goal of designing a learning environment gave us the inspiration to blur the lines of function and give many transition spaces that have a duality of function to them. 

courtesy of SANAA: Rolex Learning Center

Pre-Jury 2 (closed)

Before our Second Pre-jury, our instructors decided to have a before submission of drawings where they tried to see whether we were fit to be presented to any jury members. The sad truth is that our drawings are not very understandable and overall show a lack of architectural conventions and proper drawing skills at this stage considering the fact that this is our first time designing such multi-functional and such large-scale programs. Therefore They transformed the Second Prejury to a Closed Submission where that gained time would allow us to better discuss the proper ways of presentation and drawing techniques

Arch381: Algorithm

The lecture, arch 381 pushes us towards an unconventional type of examining the type of having lessons. Our instructors asked us for an algorithm at allows us to show our understanding of the lesson that we had over the period of 2 months. This algorithm aims to emerge a set of critical thinking that can hopefully be with us throughout our lives. Algorithmic Thinking gives us the ability to think critically and be in a logical order of thought. I designed an algorithm that brings us to how a designed urban environment occurs concerning different factors

Problem Definition

Our project this semester for our firm is designing a mid-level school in a very strategic location in Cebeci. In order to tackle this problem, we did a quick research about how the information regarding this problem occurred. There are three main aspects of approaching the situation. Seeing this design as an educational institution, seeing it as an urban-scaled project and focusing on it being on Cebeci. to tackle this, we produced and tried to define our problem:

Ass 2 _Problem Definition_Co.cius_Studio.jpg