Designing Using Sketching and CAD

After designed the plan of the Housing Reference Project, I recognized the true practicality of using the media of real life sketching. By printing the digital plan and then studying different solutions, i am able to design more affectively. After this there is always the solution to bring your abstract decisions to work on the properly drawn digital media.


Taşkale & Meke Maar

Field Invader – Mapping Step 1

Hi everyone, we started to explore the concept of mapping in the first step of the mapping assignment. In this step, we are supposed to divide the given image into 5×5 pixels and change these pixels’ transparencies. These alterations should be according to criteria which are a complex one containing at least 2 criteria within itself. It is like the effect of one on the other that can be seen through the different degrees of transparencies. So it can be said that they are interlinked.

Image1: Revised mapping attempt to differentiate between pixels according to the difference in texture diversity


While doing this assignment, making the differentiation clear and readable therefore consistent within itself is very important. In order to accomplish this the difference between the pixels can be altered drastically to make it more visible.

Another interesting aspect of this assignment is that whether it is wise to keep the overall idea of the image. This is an abstract representation and mapping should reflect this mindset so designing an abstract design is encouraged more.

Practising Architectural Photography

Today I went to both Cermodern and Erimtan Museums to study how to take architectural photographs according to a theme. We got a lecture about architectural photography recently so this experience was really informative and educational. The chosen theme was Solid Void.

Architectural photography ersan ilktan solid void architecture abstract detail

Abstracting the Photograph

           One of our first assignments was to abstract the given photograph and depict depth, light and textural properties of the image only by drawing parallel lines (horizontal, vertical or angular). We were supposed to pay attention to weight, quality, and sequence of the lines. I am really glad that we had the opportunity to do this assignment because in this way I had the chance to practice good line quality and how to apply the perfect pressure for the best results.

       I also became familiar with the concept of abstraction (which up to this point, I thought that it consisted of things that aren’t meaningful:) ) by trying to abstract a real life architectural photograph.

           Also, this was my first experience with drawing on an architectural drawing table so it was very interesting to find out how architects can create such perfect drawings with the perfect system containing always designed parallel lines.