Problem Definition

Our project this semester for our firm is designing a mid-level school in a very strategic location in Cebeci. In order to tackle this problem, we did a quick research about how the information regarding this problem occurred. There are three main aspects of approaching the situation. Seeing this design as an educational institution, seeing it as an urban-scaled project and focusing on it being on Cebeci. to tackle this, we produced and tried to define our problem:

Ass 2 _Problem Definition_Co.cius_Studio.jpg


Designing Using Sketching and CAD

After designed the plan of the Housing Reference Project, I recognized the true practicality of using the media of real life sketching. By printing the digital plan and then studying different solutions, i am able to design more affectively. After this there is always the solution to bring your abstract decisions to work on the properly drawn digital media.

Reacting to Site 1

After the production of our sketch problem, we now had the opportunity to bring our projects up to a more complex level by adding the much-needed topography aspect of it. Before, the thought process was that we should have our references and quotations and then think in how to bring them together and form some kind of an essay organization that creates a narrative that is related with influencers, references, and appropriate quotes.

I think this is an interesting approach to a real-life building design since most design choices stem from real site analysis and go from there to provide a good design. But this is definitely not the only approach to design. The process can be the other way around concerning the site-less design and then integrating it with the topography after the first initial state. This is very similar to a book that I have called “Siteless” that I will make a later blog post so stay tuned for that!

Anyways, I think this is interesting and very beneficial in understanding the importance and the influence of the site also while not being trapped by it in the first stages. Since we had our quotation/referencing sketch problem, our instructors gave us our randomly chosen sites that only have the topographical information on them.

Mine was a triangle shaped bordered site that had a hill formation on the center that merged downwards creating two directions towards the point ends of the site. Therefore from now on, I tried to integrate the site and the model. Because they are both strong characteristic elements they are both influenced by each other and influence each other.