Arch381: Invisible cities


Our “final” Model

For our final Model, we decided to produce the masses from something that was solid and was filled inside. it had to be produced by blocks that come together and also convey our void relationship through the solid-void contrast of the material. Using soap was a very interesting idea for us and it clearly reflected our design strategy and vision. But in the Final Jury, our drawings and other means of representation were so strong that the jury members demanded that our model should also be on par with the rest of our level of design and detail. Therefore we are given time to produce a new model that conveyed more ideas about our design other than the solid-void relationship. we are very surprised with the outcome as we were truly amazed at the power of intuitive thinking to use soap as a means of producing an architectural model. But it is said so it shall be done. There will be a new final model in our Colloquium meeting.

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Problem Definition

Our project this semester for our firm is designing a mid-level school in a very strategic location in Cebeci. In order to tackle this problem, we did a quick research about how the information regarding this problem occurred. There are three main aspects of approaching the situation. Seeing this design as an educational institution, seeing it as an urban-scaled project and focusing on it being on Cebeci. to tackle this, we produced and tried to define our problem:

Ass 2 _Problem Definition_Co.cius_Studio.jpg

Designing Using Sketching and CAD

After designed the plan of the Housing Reference Project, I recognized the true practicality of using the media of real life sketching. By printing the digital plan and then studying different solutions, i am able to design more affectively. After this there is always the solution to bring your abstract decisions to work on the properly drawn digital media.