Designing Using Sketching and CAD

After designed the plan of the Housing Reference Project, I recognized the true practicality of using the media of real life sketching. By printing the digital plan and then studying different solutions, i am able to design more affectively. After this there is always the solution to bring your abstract decisions to work on the properly drawn digital media.


Le Corbusier’s Pure Creation of the Mind

Image.1: le Corbusier. Towards a new architecture. book. 1923. France.

 We were assigned to read a part of Le Corbusier‘s book, Towards a new architecture, called Pure creation of the mind.  The author of this book is a very famous, known architect that is mostly referred for his modern functionalist designs. He was a swiss-born french architect that influenced most of our daily modern ways of designing buildings. He had very radical ideas about how the structure of the design should be embraced rather than being covered by nonfunctional, only decorative elements.

889d4b84b5d369689745b2441c7427e07089bef5Image2: One of his most known work is Villa Savoye

In the text, le Corbusier mentions a very important point in understanding what is architecture, which is to me, the highlight of the whole chapter of the book. He explains that architecture comes into play when the creation in a way, touches the audience’s heart and make them feel something or think that a structure is beautiful. If something does not express a thought, it is not architecture it is construction .