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What Does Music Mean?

    ass03-_ersan-ilktan_textposter            In order to study our poster design capabilities and to also understand the context of the video, we were assigned by our Arch121 and Arch111 instructors to watch the video of Leonard Bernstein in “What does music mean?”. We understand from the video that Bernstein do not agree with the idea that music has a story or a solid meaning behind it similar to everyday things. He emphasizes that music is not a whole when it is only one note. Music is about the composition of notes acting together to form a unity. This unity is about the experience of the listener. It is about the emotions. This very similar to the design world because for example architecture is architecture it is not derived from a story. The relations between the elements and their composition is important.

         To design a poster representative of this idea, I choose keywords and phrases and located them accordingly to the hierarchical order between those elements.